Enzo Di Franco was born in Alcamo in 1938. He completed his university studies in Palermo majoring in geology and, soon after, began his professional career as geologist and teacher of mathematics and science, always reserving, however, a space to cultivate his vocation for painting.

After military service, he moved to Milan where he attended the artistic studies of a few friends, already well-known painters, and participated in group exhibitions, competitions and artistic events with the favor and praise of critics.

In 1973, in Milan, he held his first solo exhibition, which was followed by numerous other events in Italy and abroad. In Milan he remains for 15 years, then nostalgia for his homeland, Sicily, from which derives his painting, brings him back to his hometown. Here he continues his activities and his research pursuing a pictorial journey that has as its recurring theme its land, its people, its traditions.

In the 90ies, his pictorial and expositive research activity becomes more and more intense, he painted numerous canvas, also large size, and he fitted out four thematic exhibitions with titles: "Sea, tunas and men"; "the Market: lights, colors, emotions"; "Journey to the Tiber Valley"; "The colors of popular traditions".

He currently lives and works in Alcamo, but continues to present itself successfully to the public and the criticism of various Italian cities and even abroad.

Among the most significant awards: the destination of some of his works to the contemporary art gallery in Cisterna di Latina.